Thursday, November 8, 2012

Post Election Promenade

With the election concluded and Barack Obama back in office for the next four years, we can look forward to enjoying the following results: an end to those lying vicious PAC commercials that most people muted on sight --except for the knuckle-dragging mouth breathers who are today rubbing dirt into their hair, rending their garments, beating their breasts in lamentation and seeking solace in watching Honey Boo-boo reruns. We can also listen to the damp hiss that is the air leaking from Far Right Republican Lock-step Ideologues as they and their agenda for ruling the world behind the trenchantly gullible Tea Party cannon fodder -- who would have us return to dial phones, round-screen TVs, ice boxes and an Apple II in every home playing Space Invaders and featuring Visicalc --- quietly steal back into their bunkers smelling of freshly poured concrete to await the Black Helicopters coming for their guns.

A visit to the NRA Web site reveals tragic wreckage, abandoned conference rooms, shattered IPads and empty paper towel dispensers in the men's room. Champagne bottles sit warm and uncorked in shallow pools of melted ice. Boxes of cigars with open lids are untouched and the 60 ring gauge churchill stogies are drying out. Fox News plays old George Bush press conferences on overheated 55 inch screens while ignored desk computers endlessly scroll Romney Wins! in a for-next loop on their green screens.

As the disco rock band in the rented hall down the street packs up its rotating mirror ball and caterers chip loose ossified chocolate mousse from little cups next to cooled plates of chicken fricassee that imprison forks in gummy puddles, the victory dance is over beneath the now blank video projection screen and the centerpiece of dripping ice sculpture depicting Romney and Ryan giving everyone the "V" for victory sign -- but the index fingers have already melted away, leaving behind no doubt about the message.

It is a time for healing and taking down from the bathroom medicine cabinet those suppositories marked "compromise" and "common sense" and the really big one designed for ideologue acolytes who still believe the world is truly flat and every hunting rifle needs a 30-round magazine.

The NRA spent decades as the confident steward of our sport and now it has a chance to serve its members more than the thin gruel of right wing, cynical propaganda, take self interest off the table and return to advance the sport into national recognition and respect.